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Whether you’re looking to learn Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for fitness, fun, or competitive fighting – Hinds Combat is the place to be. Our Muay Thai program is headed by Sean Hinds – a professional Muay Thai fighter and experienced instructor with multiple fights and championships and our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program is Led by our Head Instructor Kyle Shaw! Coach Kyle is a New York native with over a decade of grappling experience. After hundreds of Jiu Jitsu matches and years of coaching, Coach Kyle specializes in leg entanglements, grappling fundamentals and competition mindset/theory. He is a black belt under Daisuke Yamaji.

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Sean Hinds
Sean Hinds
Head Muay Thai Instructor – Commander in Chief

Born in London, England, Owner and Head Coach Sean Hinds moved to New York city over 20 years ago. A mainstay of the North American Muay Thai community, Sean is credited as being one of the handful of fighters instrumental to the dramatic rise in popularity of Muay Thai in the United States.

Sean began his training in Thai boxing under the tutelage of Edge Brown, world champion kick boxer and fellow Englishman. While training with Brown, Sean studied the Dutch/English style of Muay Thai. Sean also trained with Coban, a five-time world champion in Muay Thai. Coban’s Thai style added a new dimension to Sean’s fighting repertoire.

Sean’s Muay Thai career spans over 20 years. He has had over 30 professional fights, fighting in Russia, Italy, Ukraine, Denmark, Canada, and the United States. Known for his hard kicks, heavy hands, tight clinch, and all-around arsenal of Muay Thai, Sean is an exciting fighter to see in action.

During the course of his long and illustrious fight career, Sean discovered his love for teaching and has extensive experience training and coaching students of all ages, as well as seasoned amateur and pro-fighters. Sean is committed to mentoring teenagers and young adults, and firmly believes that practicing martial arts can help build the self-esteem and self-confidence necessary to carry them in the future.

Sean is a WKA Super Middleweight Champion, three-time WBL Super Middleweight Champion and FNF Middleweight Champion.

Dave Wai Moy
Dave Wai Moy
Hind’s Bulldog – Head Muay Thai Instructor

Dave Wai Moy started martial arts at a very young age, and has over 15 years of Muay Thai experience.

-2004 3rd Place in Pan American San Shou
-2009 New York State Muay Thai Champion
-2010 North Eastern Muay Thai Champion

Trained under Kam Chan, Enn Fairtex, Master Toddy, Greg Ardon and Aziz Nahib.

Kyle 'Danger' Shaw
Kyle 'Danger' Shaw
Head Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor

Kyle danger Shaw is a New York native with over a decade of grappling experience.  After hundreds of jiujitsu matches and years of coaching Kyle specializes in leg entanglements, grappling fundamentals and competition mindset/theory.

Joey Contrada
Joey Contrada
Assistant Instructor – Adults Muay Thai & Hinds Bulldogs

Joey has been training Muay Thai for over 6 years. He is still actively competing, training and teaching. Joey is also a 2x Amateur Muay Thai Champion.

Coach Jayh Rodriguez
Coach Jayh Rodriguez

Born and raised in New York City. Jayh found his love for Muay Thai at the age of 15. Since then he has trained with Thai champions like Coban Lookchaomaesaitong, Kaensak Sor.Ploenjit and Samart Payakaroon. Actively teaching and fighting. Jayh looks to leave his mark on Muay Thai world. Currently holding several amateur champions titles.

-USMTA National Champion

-ISKA National Champion

-ECF Champion

Kit Yeung
Kit Yeung
Assistant Muay Thai Instructor of Hind’s Bulldog (Kid’s Muay Thai)

Kit has been practicing martial arts since 2008. He has a background in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He has competed in amateur Muay Thai and MMA competitions.

Remi Singh
Remi Singh
Coach Remi Singh has practiced Muay Thai for over 10 years.

Remi has garnered a wealth of experience through his years of intense training and fighting. He’s amassed over 40 amateur Muay Thai fights, fought in Thailand, Australia, and has competed in the 2018 pan-American world tournament representing the U.S. His accolades include: 4x Warriors cup champion
2x Usmto Champion
2x wka champion
2x MFA champion
ISKF 160lbs champion
Freedom Fighter 170lbs champion.

Andrew Rivera
Andrew Rivera
Andrew Rivera began training and competing in Martial Arts (Karate, Aiki-Jiu-Jitsu, Judo) in Elementary School.
Andrew Rivera began training and competing in Martial Arts (Karate, Aiki-Jiu-Jitsu, Judo) in Elementary School. This continued through high school, when he also began lifting weights as a teenager to get bigger and stronger. While in college, he decided to become a certified personal trainer through ISSA and then NASM.

Andrew found Muay Thai in 2005, first studying and fighting under Phil Nurse and later Aaron Fisher. During this time, he continued to strength train and train others at gyms like Gold’s Gym and NYSC.
Eventually, he would transition to coaching/teaching Muay Thai and also running a strength and conditioning program both for fighters and members at NYJJ, and now Kings Combat Fitness.

Around 2012, after meeting Hans Pirman – owner of Global Strongman Gym, his personal focus competitively transitioned to Strongman Sport and Powerlifting. Since then, Andrew has competed both locally and at the National level.

Co-owning a gym has been a dream come true. Coaching and teaching the members at Hinds Combat and passing on his knowledge is his passion.


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